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A Small Bit of Cuteness

I’m only just now starting to pair my button down shirts with sweaters but I love the touch of color you can add to an outfit with just the collar and sleeves peeking out! This shirt is especially long and the sweater is especially short… but I think it works, do you? And then my favorite part of this outfit is the small bit of cuteness added with a handmade kitten pin! I think it adds just enough to make the look not so “run-of-the-mill” =)

Pink Shirt: Vintage
BDG. Blue Patterned Sweater: Urban Outfitters 
Riding Pants: American Apparel
Kitten Brooch: Handmade by my friend Lauren 
Braided Rope/Tie: American Apparel 
Purse: Vintage
Brown Leather Shoes: American Apparel

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I'm Cindy, usually known as a graphic designer and photographer but also a self-proclaimed stylist! Mostly I just style myself ^__~ This is where I post my daily outfits and fashion related things whenever I can. Let's be friends!

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