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I always feel a little self conscious when I’m wearing such bright clothes… but that doesn’t prevent me from wearing them! haha. I should’ve taken a picture of the back of this awesome new blue bustier I got from Nasty Gal, it’s got a cool cutout pattern! And I couldn’t resist getting this bandage skirt, I had to at least get one since they’re everywhere now and are so versatile and great for color-blocking! =) I’m always covering up with a blazer so I’m more work appropriate for work. I’m just lucky my work even lets me wear what I do!

Blue Bustier from Nasty Gal / Red & Pink Bandage Skirt from Nasty Gal / Black Blazer from Urban Outfitters / Cooperative Wedges from Urban Outfitters / House of Harlow Gold Necklace & Rings from Revolve Clothing / Neon Yellow & Pink Necklace from Number A

I'm Cindy, usually known as a graphic designer and photographer but also a self-proclaimed stylist! Mostly I just style myself ^__~ This is where I post my daily outfits and fashion related things whenever I can. Let's be friends!

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