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Faded Rainbow

What’s better than flower headbands, rainbow skirts, skeleton tshirts, and studded vests? Nothing! I’ve been dying to show off this beautiful skirt I got some time ago as well as this studded vest I made with an old jean jacket from Goodwill. Sorry my hair is hiding most of the studs, haha. It was a fun project though and it saves so much money, I suggest everyone try it instead of spending $100+ on a studded jacket. Goodwill jacket + studs = No more than $20! 

DIY Studded Vest from Goodwill / Skeleton T-Shirt from Topshop / Rainbow Skirt from I Don’ t Like Mondays / Studded Suede Bag from Akira Chicago / DIY Floral Headpiece made with yarn, wire, and fake flowers

Studs & Roses

Felt like part rocker and part flower child today! Of course I was asked “Are you really a fan of Guns & Roses?” haha. Sadly, I can’t say I’ve heard much of them to know whether I am or not… nonetheless this shirt kinda rocks, doesn’t it? Love the yellow and red hues in it! I Also got to wear my first pair of DIY jean shorts, ripped and studded by yours truly! It was super easy and fun! The jeans were a pair of Lucky Brand Jeans I got for $4 from Goodwill, score! Now I’m sort of obsessed with the idea of studded everything though… watch out for my studded jean vest that shall make it’s appearance soon! =) Oh, and don’t forget my DIY galaxy shoes, I don’t wear them enough!

Guns ‘n’ Roses Tee from Romwe / Knitted Vest from Thank You Mart / DIY Studded Jeans (originally from Goodwill) / DIY Galaxy Shoes (originally from Target) / Flower Headbands from Etsy

Shar Truce

Loving this new skirt I got last week! It’s a chartreuse color… chartreuse seems to be becoming more and more popular this season. Colors, colors, colors! Both pastels and neons… I love it! I’m also wearing two necklaces: my usual favorite House of Harlow necklace plus a new yellow/pink/gold weave necklace I got at a shop in Little Tokyo called Number A. What a gem of a shop! It’s like Nasty Gal but in shop form! I think it definitely calls for a trip back =)

Navy Blazer from Urban outfitters / White Crop Top from American Apparel / Striped Chartreuse Skirt from small shop in LA / Cooperative Wedges from Urban Outfitters / Forest Green Belt from American Apparel / House of Harlow Necklace from Revolve Clothing / Neon Pink and Yellow Necklace from Number A

Sorry for being a little MIA again, wasn’t feeling too swell these past couple of days, but I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things! Plus there will be some stuff coming up that I’m excited to share!

Also, on a semi-unrelated but important note, the Vimeo Award nominees were announced today! I don’t know if any of you are interested in film, but my boyfriend is one of the nominees in the Narrative category! His short film, “A Bitch” was nominated! I’m SOOOOO proud of him! Please, if you have any time to spare, vote for his video! You can vote once a day! It would mean a lot to both him and I! Thank you!!




I'm Cindy, usually known as a graphic designer and photographer but also a self-proclaimed stylist! Mostly I just style myself ^__~ This is where I post my daily outfits and fashion related things whenever I can. Let's be friends!

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