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Today’s Post is Brought to You by the Letter…

My amazing, wonderful, beautiful, kind, and… did I say amazing—boyfriend gave me a Topshop shopping spree for my birthday last weekend. (In case you don’t follow me on instagram, here’s the pic I took of my celebration with my BFFs) Because of that, and also because Topshop is having a sort of amazing sale right now, I finally realized my dream of owning this full crop top + skirt set. I don’t know why but I love being matchy matchy with these sets, and yes it’s somehow different than if this was a full on dress. I also got the amazing UNIF cross trainers  which were heavily discounted by a stroke of luck! But anyway, it’s a hot 91 degrees Fahrenheit in LA right now and I’m wishing it away!






Alphabet/Number Crop Top & Skirt from Topshop | Metallic UNIF Cross Trainers from Karmaloop | Bracelet turned Choker from H&M





Painted Skies

You know how sometimes during sunset, when there are a million colors in the sky, it looks like Vincent Van Gogh just rand his paint brush through it? The colored yarn stripes on this sweater remind me of that kind of sky. I also FINALLY have something that matches the cute jeweled collar I have. The jewels match the color of my skirt, a deep burgundy I scattered throughout my entire outfit. =) Oh, and does anyone else like pearly berets like I do? hehe

Pearl Embellished Beret & Multi-Colored Sweater from H&M / Jeweled Collar from Chicwish / Coral Betl & Chiffon Maxi Skirt from American Apparel / Messenger Bag from Urban Outfitters / Sam Edelman Booties from 6PM

Late to the Party

Weekends are no longer lazy outfit days anymore since daylight savings has come around. I’m working hard to post more for you guys!

Yesterday was Tavi from “Style Rookie“‘s party for Rookie Magazine’s 1st Yearbook at Space 15 Twenty! Although it was incredibly chilly (yay for actually fall weather in LA!) today I decided to finally put on my little black dress for the party. This amazing skater dress is definitely more revealing than I’m usually comfortable with wearing but I tried it on at Topshop when I was in NY this past June and fell in love! I’ve been waiting for the right occasion to wear it (definitely not at work, haha!). Oh and notice these ombre tights? I know, they’re amazinnnggg!!! I actually had someone ask me where I got them =)

Skater Dress from TopShop / Fringe Bag from Akira Chicago / Rings from ASOS / Tights from Choies / Jeffrey Campbell Heels from Nasty Gal

Earlier in the day my boyfriend and I went to the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA and it was absolutely amazing!! If you are a fan of Kubrick and in the LA area, I highly suggest you see it! The following is a photo of some costumes Vogue designed for Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Kubrick wanted everything in his movie to be designed so that it would be plausible to exist in the time era of the movie, hence Vogue designed the costumes. Pretty amazing stuff!

Kleur was at the Rookie Event tonight as well! They do amazingggg nail designs, but alas I didn’t feel like shelling out the moolah to get my nails done. One day though, one day!!

Hope I Don’t Get Hairballs

Happy belated Halloween everyone! I literally just had these cat ears sitting on my desk (from a cat birthday party I went to, hehe) and did a last minute outfit for work. I don’t think it turned out too bad, what about you? Did everyone have a fun Halloween? I had a pretty mellow one with my boyfriend watching scary movies at home =)

oh and YAY my bandwith is back which means I gotta catchup on all the outfit posts I uploaded this past week! Stay tuned =)
Long Black Dress from American Apparel / Boots from Wasteland / Collar Necklace from H&M

Bleeding Pink

With a beautiful statement skirt like this, I needed nothing but to match it with black everything so the pink color could stand out. With a lace bodysuit to add some pattern/texture and topped with simple jewelry and a hot, I’m ready to go!

Lace bodysuit from American Apparel / Ombre Skirt from Choies / Fringe Bag from Akira Chicago / Black Wedges from Urban Outfitters / Bowler Hat from ASOS

Mirror, Mirror

I love all the mirrored prints that have been saturating clothes lately, especially those mirrored dresses! But most of the time I’m torn between thinking they look super cool or a little too messy… So this simplistic mirror-print blouse was perfect. Plus it’s got a cool ombre effect on top of it (but you can’t really tell since I tucked in my shirt, haha). 

Mirrored Blouse & Blazer from H&M / Pink Pants from American Apparel

Simply Bold

Sometimes the simplest outfit can be the boldest statement. It’s been scorching hot lately and so I just felt like lounging in my super comfy chiffon dress. If some of you have been following my blog for awhile, you may recognize this dress ‘cause I have it in bright yellow too! I feel like the blue and yellow are the least popular colors but they’re the most fun… so why is that?! Without a belt, the silhouette is free flowing and super relaxed. And since the dress is so plain I paired it with a bold statement necklace and some hand accessories to finish off the look. =)

Blue Chiffon Dress from American Apparel / Chain Cross Necklace from Number A / Fringe Bag from Akira Chicago / Black Wedges from Urban Outfitters


I made a little not-so-great setup today so I can take my own outfit photos. Definitely not as great as the ones my boyfriend takes, but it’ll do for now! You should see my living room! What a disaster! haha.

Since it’s a Saturday and I had time, I played with makeup a bit more and had a little fun! I look like a vampire in my outfit photos because of the lighting though haha. Here are a few crappy Photo Booth pictures of my makeup =)

I’ve been dying to get these tasseled shorts! I love both the print and the tassels! I’m so obsessed that I’m thinking I may make my own DIY tasseled shorts! The simple trim adds so much interesting detail! So finally they went on sale AND Refinery29 was having a great coupon deal with Wasteland so I snatched them up! One more to cross off my wish list!

Chiffon Blouse from American Apparel / Tasseled Shorts from Wasteland / Jeffrey Campbell Heels from Nasty Gal / Tasseled Purse from Akira Chicago

Motorcycle Chic(k)

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there! Personally I think I have the best dad in the world, but you’re allowed to disagree ;)

So yesterday I attended a graduation for my friends at UCLA! Congratulations to UCLA Design Media Art’s Class of 2012, and also everyone else who is graduating this year! I wanted to dress nicely for the occasion but I think I accidentally went toward rebel attire, Motorcycle Chic as I call it. =) I think I was just so excited to try on some of my new jewelry. As you can see, I piled on 4 necklaces. I love the different textures and layers that all these necklaces create! Surprisingly it’s a little tough to find the right lengths to layer but when done right, it makes a simple outfit, like this black dress, become amazing!

Faux Leather Jacket from Topshop / Black Dress from American Apparel / Black Suede Purse from Akira Chicago / Accessories from ASOS, Romwe, Akira Chicago, Revolve Clothing, H&M 

Hello Summer, Are You There?

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend! Three-day weekends are always a treat, but most importantly the sales! My inbox was flooded with sales and coupons! I didn’t really take advantage of them like I should have because I’m anticipating my trip to NY this next coming week but it’s worth the trade off! Today was pretty hot, and I’m wondering when summer is going to officially start. Of course in Los Angeles, “summer days” come during all seasons of the year, haha. I can’t honestly say that Summer is my favorite season but I love the atmosphere of happy vacationers. This will be my first summer without a vacation in awhile now… welcome, Cindy, to the real world without the safety net of school! So anyways, the warm but breezy weather today called for some light pastels and a flowy skirt. I wore my very first Wildfox purchase—a bracelet, because I can’t bring myself to buy any of their ridiculously expensive clothing… but I love their collection!

Skirt, Cardigan, & Floral Top from American Apparel / Jeffrey Campbell Litas from Wasteland / Camera bag from Urban Outfitters / Pastel Necklace from my Best friend Emily =) / Gold Necklace from H&M/ Pearl & Gold Bracelet from H&M  / Wildfox Bracelet from

I'm Cindy, usually known as a graphic designer and photographer but also a self-proclaimed stylist! Mostly I just style myself ^__~ This is where I post my daily outfits and fashion related things whenever I can. Let's be friends!

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