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Wild Style

I went to Melrose the other day for the first time in a long time. (I have not excuse, living so close, but I just HATE finding parking!!) I happened upon Joyrich and was astounded by their new collaboration with Gerlan Jeans! I’m in loooovvveee!! If they had my size, I would’ve shelled out the moolah for a pencil print dress! (So I guess it’s good they didn’t have my size? haha) Across the street is a great store called Wild Style that Joyrich opened at the end of last year. It’s like a giant store of my dream closet! Super funky and crazy clothes that most people wouldn’t dare wear. This outfit today is slightly inspired by this funky style, although it’d definitely not even close to being completely bizarre.






Neon Yellow Mesh Crop Top from & Thigh High Socks American Apparel | Red Beanie & Patterned Shorts from Japan | Plaid Jeffrey Campbell Wedges from Ashbury Skies | Necklaces from Number A & Topshop





Simply Bold

Sometimes the simplest outfit can be the boldest statement. It’s been scorching hot lately and so I just felt like lounging in my super comfy chiffon dress. If some of you have been following my blog for awhile, you may recognize this dress ‘cause I have it in bright yellow too! I feel like the blue and yellow are the least popular colors but they’re the most fun… so why is that?! Without a belt, the silhouette is free flowing and super relaxed. And since the dress is so plain I paired it with a bold statement necklace and some hand accessories to finish off the look. =)

Blue Chiffon Dress from American Apparel / Chain Cross Necklace from Number A / Fringe Bag from Akira Chicago / Black Wedges from Urban Outfitters

Why not Blue?

Today I’m trying out OCC Lip Tars for the first time! I love all the colors they offer and I’ve decided I wanted to be more colorful with my lip colors! Why not wear blue lips?! It’s so fun and it’s a great kick of color for my outfit! Loving the cutout shoulders on my dress, and in general this season!

Floral Dress from Urban Outfitters / Gold CC Skye Bracelet from Revolve Clothing / Yellow Bracelet from JC Penny / Gold House of Harlow Rings from Revolve Clothing / Silver Spike Two Finger Ring from Number A Boutique / Black Cooperative Wedges from Urban Outfitters

Down to the Shoelaces

Hello hello hello! This was a look I wore on Friday but I was completely lazy about uploading it since I had a heck of a weekend! I hope you guys don’t mind that I don’t usually post on the weekend since I’m usually just in my PJs lazying around haha. If it weren’t for workdays who knows what I would look like?! O__O So this is just a simple chiffon shirt that I love to match with with my black shoes with the same exact colored chiffon shoelaces! Haha, well they’re both from American Apparel so that’s how they match so perfectly ^__^

By the way, if you guys haven’t seen 5 Year Engagment, I suggest you do! It was hilarious!!! Especially the Spanish love song part! You will know what I mean once you see it ;)

Shawl-like Black/White Speckled Cardigan, Chiffon Shirt, Riding Pants, Black Shoes from American Apparel / Rings from Number A Boutique and 8 Limbs / Jeweled Collar from Chicwish


Uh oh, I’m sort of getting this punk vibe in my soul. Had to test it out a little today. I ordered some studs over the weekend to start studding some things as well. THINGS ARE GUNNA GET CRAZY! Haha. So anyways, today’s funky outfit includes so many amazing new additions to my closet! The zombie shirt and the new rings are from Number A Boutique again. Went there for my “birthday weekend” since my boyfriend got me a gift certificate there! =) Sunday we went to DISNEYLAND!!! But that’s besides the point… these new jeans from ASOS are so rad, I was worried they weren’t going to fit but they fit PERFECTLY and I love them so much more in person than I thought I would! The perfect ending to this outfit was of course, a jean jacket, but I had to take it off to show you the zombie shirt ;)

Jean Jacket from Urban Outfitters / Zombie Crop Top from Number A Boutique / Leopard Jeans from ASOS / Leather Belt from American Apparel / Necklace from Number A Boutique / Studded Two-Finger Ring & Brown Stone Ring from Number A Boutique / Fork Ring from 8 Limbs / Friendship Bracelets from Target / Leather Wrap Bracelet from H&M / Black Wedges from Urban Outfitters

I'm Cindy, usually known as a graphic designer and photographer but also a self-proclaimed stylist! Mostly I just style myself ^__~ This is where I post my daily outfits and fashion related things whenever I can. Let's be friends!

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