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Poison Girl

The temperatures in LA are climbing this week! Yikes! Sometimes the heat makes me want to step out in a bathing suit. Want, but can’t. A crop top and skirt is the next best thing! And the fishnet top adds a bit of texture & pattern without adding too hot of a layer! 

Fishnet Crop Top from Wasteland | Gray Crop Top from Topshop | Green Plaid Skirt from Hot Topic | Red Plaid Jeffrey Campbell Tardys from Ashbury Skies





Shed Some Skin

Talk about heat wave! These are the days when I question weather or not Southern California supposedly has “perfect weather.” I’d rather travel through freezing cold Europe again than spend a day walking in the heat!  ’Tis the perfect day to wear a crop top and my comfy snakeskin pants! I love that these pants have a bit of green in them so that pairing it with a light chiffon shirt really adds a bit of a color to what could be an all-nude/brown outfit.







Beige Crop Top from American Apparel | Snake Print Pants from ? | Mint Chiffon Top from Nasty Gal | Taupe Jeffrey Campbell Litas from Wasteland |Brown Bag from Urban Outfitters 





Oh My Goth!

Is purple not really my color? I think I accidentally gothed myself out with this mesh dress-turned-top. Oh well! Mesh, chiffon, and anything see-through is becoming more and more a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Will the trend ever die down? I hope not!

Oh and excuse my poor attempt and Angelina Jolie’s sexy leg pose—I wasn’t really trying to be sexy, I just had to show off my ombre tights! ;)


Purple Mesh Dress-turned-Top from American Apparel | Black Skirt &  Jeffrey Campbell Heels from Wasteland | Clear Pink Belt from Spinns (in Tokyo, Japan)





What We’ve Been Waiting For

Falling asleep to the sound of rain is only my second favorite thing next to waking up to the sound of rain. It’s so soothing I never want to get up! This is the weather I’ve been waiting for! It’s like autumn never showed up and winter came in full force (well, full Los Angeles force… no snow or anything, haha) Time to pull out the chunky scarves and warm cardigans again, yay!

So my boyfriend and I have been planning our 3 month Europe trip and have a general idea of the countries we want to visit, although we are going to have to knock some out. Here’s what we’ve come up with so far: ireland > scotland > england > the netherlands > germany > czech republic > austria > hungary > switzerland > france

I’m so incredibly excited! Does anyone have any suggestions of cities we MUST see or even can skip over? Or even countries?

Polka-Dotted Tank Top & Floral Tights from Urban Outfitters / Slouchy Cardigan from American Apparel / Scarf & Skirt from ASOS / Booties from Wasteland / Fringe Bag from Akira Chicago

Back to the Start

There was a spike in temperature in LA yesterday, 81 degrees! Not horrible but enough to put on some shorts with a sweater for just-in-case. It’s been awhile since I’ve worn this beautiful knit cardigan. I love the mix of colors in it and I wish I had more items that were the colors of each of the flowers! The key to coordinating with such a colorful piece is making sure you reiterate the colors in it. In this case, I’ve got my lavender shorts, turquoise hair scarf, and orange JC Heels. If you look at each item individually, it’s interesting how your eye is drawn back to that same color back in the cardigan. O__O

Floral Knit Cardigan from ASOS / Light Pink Crop Tank Top & Turquoise Hair Scarf from American Apparel / Lavender MinkPink Shorts from Nasty Gal / Orange Jeffrey Campbell Heels from Wasteland

It’s the Little Things

My look on Tuesday:

"Sometimes I have an outfit all planned out but it’s really missing something. I forget about the little things that really make outfits unique. I used to be obsessed with finding small little hair things and jewelry from Etsy. I don’t know why I ever stopped! This flower hair clip has gone through so many great times with me. In fact one time I was approached by a guy. Unfortunately he said "That thing in your hair is weird" instead of "I like the flower in your hair." But, ah well. The point is, whether it be a unique pair of glasses, a hair clip, or even a cute handmade brooch, sometimes it’s the little things that really make a simple secretary blouse and high-waisted pant outfit (a combo I choose to wear 99% of the time) become special in an unsuspecting way. =)"

Secretary Blouse & Messenger Bag from Urban Outfitters / Forest Green Pants & Coral Belt from American Apparel / Jeffrey Campbell Litas from Wasteland /  Flower Hair Pin from Etsy


This is a look I wore on Monday:

"Mondays are grunge days. They’re long and hard with the whole rest of the week ahead… so I just want to lounge around in a tshirt, jeans, and a soft flannel shirt. Is it silly that I just like the colors and design of this shirt? Everyone keeps asking me if I’m a fan but truth be told I don’t even recall any of there songs… shameful. My coworker is a huge fan and right as I walked in she goes, "Is that G&R?" and I had no clue what she was talking about until I realized I was wearing my Guns n Roses tee, haha."

G&R Tee from Romwe / UNIF Jeans from Wasteland / Plaid Shirt from Goodwill / DIY Galaxy Shoes originally from Target / Fringe Bag from Akira Chicago

Hope I Don’t Get Hairballs

Happy belated Halloween everyone! I literally just had these cat ears sitting on my desk (from a cat birthday party I went to, hehe) and did a last minute outfit for work. I don’t think it turned out too bad, what about you? Did everyone have a fun Halloween? I had a pretty mellow one with my boyfriend watching scary movies at home =)

oh and YAY my bandwith is back which means I gotta catchup on all the outfit posts I uploaded this past week! Stay tuned =)
Long Black Dress from American Apparel / Boots from Wasteland / Collar Necklace from H&M

All Choked Up

I really need to find myself a great belt for days when I feel a little more grunge. A trip to Hot Topic perhaps? (my favorite childhood shop! haha) But anyway, I’m loving my leopard print crop top. The fabric is really great quality and although you can’t tell in these photos, the neckline is faux leather. Sometimes it’s all in the details. Oh, and say hello to walkable black booties! HELLO!!!! =)

Leopard Print Crop Top from Wasteland / Black Shorts from Urban Outfitters / Boots from Wasteland

See You Later, Alligator

It’s been quite the week for me! Wasn’t feel too well at all, and then all work and no play this weekend! I have some catching up to do with posts! So this is an outfit I wore during the week. I’ve been looking for the perfect green blouse to match these alligator-esque pants I have. After quite the failed search, I realized I had this amazing green velveteen bodycon dress that I could double as a top if I folded it up a little for my pants to fit! haha. So alas, the perfect green top =)

Velvet Dress (turned into a top) from American Apparel / Chiffon Spotted Jacket from Nasty Gal / Green Spotted Pants from ASOS

I'm Cindy, usually known as a graphic designer and photographer but also a self-proclaimed stylist! Mostly I just style myself ^__~ This is where I post my daily outfits and fashion related things whenever I can. Let's be friends!

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